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• Aude (11800)   • Population: 675  • Altitude: 78 m

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Marseillette is a small village stretched out along the D610 road, and along side the Canal de Midi. The village center is not a tourist destination, sitting as it is along a busy road.
It does seem a lived-in place, and there are small streets extending out to the sides of the main drag, but nothing of a touristy nature.

Marseillette Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi at Marseillette is very pretty, and still has most of the large, shady platans. The small canal locks by the east end of the village are very lovely, and there seem to be a lot of cyclists who stop there just to admire the scene and watch the boats being cycled through the locks.


We found one café restaurant in the center of Marseillette, along side the main road, but not as attractive as the possibilities down beside the canal.

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