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La Redorte

• Aude (11700)   • Population: 1,119  • Altitude: 53 m

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The village of La Redorte is of moderate interest to visitors. The old village of La Redorte has narrow streets and an old church with a tall bell-tower steeple. There are a few shops, but we didn't honestly find much else of interest in the village center.

A main road passes through La Redorte to the northwest, via Rieux-Minervois and Peyriac-Minervois to Caunes-Minervois and the Montaigne Noir. There are large grocery-gas facilities here at La Redourte and at Peyriac-Minervois.

La Redorte Canal du Midi

A more interesting ares for visitors is down at the Canal du Midi, a 5 or 10 minute walk from the center. The La Maison du Port, beside the canal, actually serves as the La Redorte's Office de Tourisme (from June to September).


There are a couple of café-restaurants here beside the canal at La Redorte. The Rivassel is also a Café de Pays [SP], but with a pricy Plate de Pays [SP], we didn't think it fit with the spirit of the Cafés de Pays.

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