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La Calmette

• Gard (30190)   • Population: 1,942  • Altitude: 75 m

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The little village of La Calmette, northwest of Nîmes, has a Medieval center in a small, perfect circle. The ancient village houses are charming, and there are lots of narrow old streets to wander and explore.
A larger part of the village center, adjacent to the "circle" is also old and interesting. On a weekday, when many old villages are empty, there were a lot of local people out and about in La Calmette, and a few were rather talkitive, explaining to us where we should go and what we should be looking for.

We didn't find any spectaular sites here, but there are picturesque old houses, cobblestone streets, vaulted passages and some nice old pigioniers (dovecotes).

There's a minimal amount of village commerce in the old center of La Calmette, including a boulangerie, the La Terrasse restaurant, a café (no terrace) and a "tabac - presse" magazine shop.

There is a more serious shopping available in a commercial center at the west side of the old village, including a large supermarket, shops and medical services. Beside this shopping area is the N106 highway between Nîmes and Alès.


• GPS: 43.9272115, 4.264862

The area immediately surrounding La Calmette is farmland and vineyards, with a forested and slightly hilly "garrigue" on the southeast side, between the village and the outlying area of Nîmes.

The GR (Grande Randonnée) GR63 passes through the center of the old village. To the west, the GR63 passes through the tiny villages of Gajan, Fons and Moulézan, and on to Quissac and [Sauve], crossing a mixture of farmland and wooded areas. Immediately to the east, the GR63 joins the GR6 Hiking Trail at the village of Dions, on the bank of the Gardon river. Eastward, the GR goes down the beautiful Gorges du Gardon and eventually passing the famous [Pont du Gard].

The GR63 didn't seem to be very well marked where it passed through the village. We found only one of the emblematic red-white markers out past the east side of the village, so you'll definitely need a map here.

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Department 30, Gard Buses

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