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• Gard (30700)   • Population: 882  • Altitude: 105 m

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Sanilhac-Sagriès is a commune of two small villages (Sanilhac and Sagriès) in the Gard, just south of Uzès and north of the Gorges du Gardon.
We enjoyed exploring both of these vilages, but there really isn't much here to attract a tourist visit. Other than old, but rather plain, churches, we were attracted most by the two village lavoirs.
Sanilhac-Sagriès: distances to other locations (below) are given from Sanilhac. The village of Sagriès is 3 km north, hence 3 km closer to Uzès and points north; 3 km farther from Collias, etc.


Sanilhac is the southern, and main, village of the two-village commune of Sanilhac-Sagriès. This is a 12th-century village, but doesn't have much of a Medieval feel. The streets are mostly rectilinear, and the building have more little farms and estates rather than clusters of ancient houses.

Sanilhac village church is 17th century The east-west D112 road, Route de Nîmes, marks the southern edge of Sanilhac village. The town hall (mairie) and the main village church are located here. The principle commerce of the village is also here, the boulanger-patisserie (baker) the the café-restaurant (Salon de Thé, Saladerie), and another restaurant one block east on the main road.

The Chateau de Sanilhac is still there, but used now as a rest home (maison de repos). It was being renovated in Feb 2014,

The old village of Sanilhac is the area north and west of the town hall, up to the very narrow Rue Droite. Things to see in this area would be the 17th-century parish church, with a stone, hexigonal bell tower, and the remains of the 14th-century donjon visible above the rooftops.

Sanilhac Lavoir

Lavoir of Sanilhac, in the fields The Sanilhac Lavoir is located on a country lane 400 m west of the village center, Chemin du Bassin. You can walk there by going west through the old village on Rue Droite, and continue on the Rue de la Fontaine de Gorgue (which becomes a dirt track).

The covered lavoir is set at the edge of farming fields, with a small vegetable plot tucked up against each side. It's an interesting covered lavoir, but when we saw it (Feb 2014) it was badly decorated with bright colored graffiti.


Sagriès is the northern village of the two-village commune of Sanilhac-Sagriès. This is a very old, compact little village, with just a cluster of old houses and little farms grouped tightly around the village church. The few village streets twist and turn, with narrow passages between the houses. The village can be explored easily in an hour, with the main sights the church, stone steps and the old lavoir.

• No café, no commerce; but there are cafés and restaurants 3 km south at Sanilhac.

Sagriès Lavoir

Sagries covered lavoir The old, covered lavoir (wash house) of Sagriès is located very close to the center, on the Chemin de la Fontaine going down the hill on the west side. The setting is very nice, cool and damp, in the valley of a small stream that supplies the lavoir water.

The site is pretty, and well maintained, but we doubt if it is actually used by the townspeople.

Menhir Bamboche

Pre-Roman menhir, the Pierre Bamboche An ancient standing stone (menhir) is located half way between Sanilhac village and Collias (it's on the border between the two communes. The stone, called locally the Pierre Bamboche, is just beside the D112 road, and clearly visible as you drive by.
This particular menhir is just over 2 meters tall, not very big; of interest mainly for its age. Map coordinates: 43.956219, 4.445646

History of Sanilhac-Sagriès

The village of Sanilhac was built in the 12th century, around a castle surrounded by ramparts. The only remains today are one of the defensive towers, the Tourase, and the old donjon of the castle.

The village of Sagriès was attached to Sanilhac in 1814 to create the commune of Sanilhac-Sagriès.


• GPS: 43.957422, 4.433756


IGN (1/25,000) #2941 OT "Uzès"

"Collines et Vignobles autour d'Uzès", map+info (1:30'000)

There are hikes out across the garrigue hills between the villages of Sanilhac and Sagriès, on both the east side and the west side of the villages. To the north of Sagriès, these trails go to the town of Uzès; one of them first passes the internationally-known Haribo candy factory.

La Baume. A 6.5 km (2h30) hike south of Sanilhac goes down into the Gorges du Gardon, along the left bank past the St Vérédème Chapel and La Baume grotto, then loops back to the village. From 121 m altitude at the village, the trail drops down to about 30 m at the Gardon, then climbs back up over the ridge at 180 m before returning (about 265 m altitude climbing).

About 800 m south of Sanilhac village the local trail crosses the GR6 hiking trail.
Eastward, the GR6 goes to Collias and on to the Pont du Gard, then crosses the Roman aqueduct and heads south.
West of Sanilhac, the GR6 follows the valley of the Gardon, past Russan, St-Chaptes, Moussac and Vézénobres to Alès.

Transportation Sanilhac-Sagriès

Department 30, Gard Buses

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