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Truffle Markets

Winter truffle markets (roughly, from November to March) can be found in towns and villages across Provence.

The four biggest in France (for professionals):

Aups - Thur mornings

Carpentras - Fri mornings

Richerence - Sat mornings; said to be the biggest in Europe, in volume of truffles traded.

Lalbenque (15 km southeast of Cahors - Tue afternoons)

The others:

Apt - Sat mornings

Valréas area:

Chamaret (10 km west of Valréas, south of Grignan) - Mon mornings

Grignan - Tue mornings

Montségur - Thur mornings

Nyons - Thur mornings

St Paul-Trois-Chateaux - Mon mornings; and a Truffle Festival on the second Sunday in February.

Taulignan (8 km north of Valréas) - Sat mornings

Valréas - Wed mornings

Rognes - end of December

Périgueux in southwest France has a truffle museum, and markets on Wed and Sat
Nearby Sorges (Dordogne) has a truffle market the third Sunday in January, followed by a truffle-omelette meal.

Some Alpes-Maritimes Truffle Markets:

Mid January - Marché de la Truffe, hotel La Bastide St-Antoine, Grasse (a 5 minute walk from the home of Beyond).

Mid January - Marché de la Truffe, Le Rouret (10 km east of Grasse)

January (3rd weekend) - Uzès Truffle Market is large and fun, at the Place aux Herbes.

Beginning Feb - Villeneuve-Loubet (southwest of Nice)

Beginning Feb - Puget-Théniers

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