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• Drôme (26230)   • Population: 537  • Altitude: 226 m

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Chamaret is a picturesque little village, marked by the tall Medieval castle keep standing above. Just a few narrow village streets, old stone houses an a good village café.

The castle ruins and castle-keep watch tower are the main attractions in Chamaret. The tower sits on the end of the hill at the southern edge of the village, and provides a magnificent view across the countryside in all directions, including nearby Grignan castle, Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles-de-Montmirail.

Chamaret has a lovely 18th-centuryn covered lavoir (wash-house), with a double-column front.

The Romanesque church of Chamaret, in the center of the village, has a 3-tier square tower topped with a campanile [Photo-05].

Chamaret Castle

The Chateau de Chamaret sits on top of a low hill overlooking Chamaret village and overlooking the vaste surrounding countryside. Most of the 12th-century castle is gone now, except for the 30-meter tall castle keep, doubling as a bell tower and clock tower.

Part of the castle came down in 1696 and in 1772. It was ruined even more during the French Revolution, but partly restored in 1895. The remains include a couple of the fortification walls and the tall keep.

The solid walls of the tower lack defensive openings, and it's thought that this was a watch tower, part of the communications of the Counts of Grignan and the Commanderie of the Templiers of Richerenches.


Chamaret has one very nice sundial, the Chamaret-Enamaled Village. It's not ancient, but it is beautiful. The scene depicts the village, including cyclist, picnickers, petanque players and the village café.

History of Chamaret

Prehistoric: There was both a prehistoric and Gallo-Roman presence in Chamaret

Medieval: Chamaret was a fief of the Bishops of St-Paul-Trios-Chateaux, then a fief of the Adhémar.


• GPS: 44.396765, 4.882168


IGN (1/25,000) #3039 ET "Valréas, Enclave des Papes, Pierrelatte"

There are some good hiking trails south of Chamasret, through low wooded hills along both banks of the Lez river.

An information panel in the village says a GR trail begins there. We didn't find the trail, and no GR is listed on our IGN hiking maps

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