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French Revolution

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French Revolution, 1789.

  • 1789, 5 May - French Parliament (Estates-General) met at Versailles, for the first time in 175 years, and proclaimed themselves the national Assembly.
  • 1789, 14 July - Storming of the Bastille
  • 1791 - King Louis XVI attempted to flee France with his family and was arrested
  • 1793 - King Louis XVI, and then his widow Marie Antoinette, guillotined
  • 1793 - the Reign of Terror sweeping through France, claiming Robespierre as one of its illustrious victims.
  • 1799 - Napoleon Bonaparte seized power in a coup d'état, and began his conquest of western Europe, doing very well until 1812.
  • 1815 - Bourbon dynasty restored
  • 1830 - July Revolution, installed Louis Philippe as the last king of France, ousting the Bourbons
  • 1848 - the February Revolution installed a republican government in place of the monarchy

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