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Restoration, 1814-1830

Following the fall of the First Empire in April 1814, the monarchy was re-established in favor of the Bourbons (see Kings). King Louis XVIII returned from England to rule a "constitutional government". The "constitutional" part didn't evolve very well, and the king's popularity declined to a dangerous level. Louis XVIII departed Paris, and Napoléon debarked in France on 1 March 1815 to start his "hundred days". The "hundred days" failed, and the Bourbons returned to power on 8 July 1815.

In August 1815, the ultra-royalists won the elections, and celebrated with the "Terreur blanche" from July to October, massacring the Bonapartists. The Duc de Berry was assassinated in 1820. Charles X, who was named Lieutenant-General of the Kingdom in 1814, became king in 1824.

In 1830, the king dissolved the Chambre and new elections were held. The opposition (not royalists) won, and Charles attempted a "coup". The result was a revolt, and Charles X fled, ending the Restoration period.

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