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Cathar Castle Maps Our maps of the Cathar Castles show the areas south of Carcassonne and north of Carcassonne. cathars-region-map001bb400.jpg    cathars-region-map002bb400.jpg
Cathars Map South                             Cathars Map North


Hilltop royal fortress ruins, views, visitable, by Tuchan village.



The Arques Castle retains a tall donjon building complete with four round corner towers. It's in the heart of the Cathar region but built at the end of the Cathar period of 1209-1229, construction being finally completed in 1316.

Carcassonne Walled City

The Cité de Carcassonne has been fortified since Gallo-Roman times. In the 12th century the inhabitants were sided with the Cathars. On 1 August, 1209, the Albigensian Crusade arrived at Carcassonne and began their seige. On 15 August, the city surrendered, and the people departed, "carrying nothing but their sins".


Chateau visitable, events.


Chateau ruins only, overlooking village, beside small town of Mazamet. (North, in the Tarn)

Lastours Castles

Lastours Castles are a tight group of four defensive structures clustered on rocky ridges of the Cabardès hills north of Carcassonne, built as a novel variant of a single larger castle. They were built in the 11th century, at the peak of the Cathar (and antil-Cathar Albigensian) period.


Chateau ruins overlooking tiny village; south of Montségur.


Picturesque fortified village, ruins of chateau, museum.


13th-century castle ruins on high rock, beside a tiny village (pop 131)


Ruins on low Hilltop beside the small village (pop 124)


Ruined fortress on 800m-high ridge.


Lofty medieval castle ruins with a view.


Castle ruins with minstrel sculptures.


Castle ruins with a tower on a high rock.


A couple of watch-towers in the hilltop village.


Cathar castle ruins on a cliff overlooking Roquefixade village 09300


Castle ruins (high walls, partly restored) at edge of nice village.


 Termes Castle photo termes-chateau0008b400.jpg

Castle ruins and walls on hilltop, outside village; dirt-road access.

Usson Chateau

Chateau extensive hilltop ruins beside 09460 Rouze, Ariège; south of Montségur.


Intact visitable castle in the village.

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