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Cambous is a Bronze Age archeological site located in the garrigue about 30 minutes north of Montpellier. The site is set up for visitors, with information panels (in French), and entry includes an intorduction tour by one of the archeologists who are working the site.

The Cambous archeological site is a Bronze Age village about 5000 years old, one of the oldest prehistoric sites in France. n addition to the shape and layout of the houses in two groups (hamlet-A and hamlet-B), the site provided many artifact, from arrow heads to pottery.

Cambous site map The Cambous archeological site as it's been excavated so far has two groups of roughly-oval stone buildings set in the stony garrigue of low green oaks. The entry (accueil) is managed by one of the working archeologists of the site, who will give you a tour of the first area.

The first area of the site (hamlet B) is being researched now and is the least developed of the site. You'll see some of the thick stone walls, and many stakes and marker strings criss-crossing the area.

The second area (hamlet A) is much more "finished", and the walls and shapes of the houses are clearly visible. A high wooden platform (belvédère) gives you a good view down across the group-A part of the site.

Bronze Age House

This Bronze Age house with thatched roof was built from scratch in 1983 to replicate the houses that existed on the two parts of the site, with the long ovals of low stone walls. Most of the roof structure was built from local trees, and the pole sizes were based on the hole sizes in the stones of the excavated houses.

The pottery objects inside the reconstructed prehistoric house are copies of artifacts discovered at the site.

The house as stood through many hot dry summers and wet and snow winters, attesting to the validity of the design as calculated by the archeologists (although it was re-roofed in 2008).

Access to the Site

Cambous hike map Access to the Cambous archeological site takes a bit of a walk through the garrigue, as there's no road access directly to the site.
The shortest walk in is from the D113 road at the south edge of the Chateau de Cambous. This is 900m and about 10 minutes.
A more interesting hike is a 20-30 minute route (1600 m) from a parking area closer to the D32 junction with the D113, and hiking past the north side of the Chateau de Cambous.

This area is hot and dry during the summer, so it would be a good idea to bring a bottle of water along with you - although bottles of water are available for sale at the site.

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