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• Hérault (34)   • Population: 1,165  • Altitude: 257 m

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Viols-le-Fort is a fairly interesting village in a very rural area northwest of Montpellier. There are some remains of the medieval walls around the small center of the old village, including an entrance portal through a tall square 14th-century tower, no topped with a clock and a small campanile belfry.

The ancient center of Viols-le-Fort has nicely restored medieval houses in all stone construction, white stone doorways.


Viols-le-Fort has the standard village shops, including a butcher (boucherie), a baker (boulangerie), a small grocery store (alimentation) and a tabac paper shop. The butcher-baker theme doesn't include a candlestick maker, but there is a potter and a leather worker in the village.

The village also has a post office and a doctor's office and an infirmier, with some nicely humorous signs to advertise them.

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The archeological Bronze Age site of Cambous is located 2.5 km northeast of Viols-le-Fort village, just past the Château de Cambous (private and not visitable). The entrance to the Cambous site is down a small dirt-gravel road into the garrigue and requires a short walk at the end, but is well worth the effort.

The Pont du Diablo (UNESCO site) is 16 km southwest of Viols-le-Fort.


The village restaurant, La Diligence (The Stagecoach) is open daily except Saturday lunch, Sunday lunch and Mondays.

The village café, Le Avenir, has an outdoor terrace on the main square in the village.

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