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• Hérault (34150)   • Population: 5,515  • Altitude: 53 m

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Gignac is a town on the Hérault river, west of Montpellier. The center of the "old" town is fairly interesting, and there are some vestiges of its medieval past, but this is mainly a handy place for visiting the surrounding area.
We had lunch here but didn't properly visit the town, since we were just "passing through" after visiting St Guilhem-le-Désert and its Abbey.

The center of Gignac has a wide boulevard, lined by large shade trees and a row of terrace café-restaurants. The center of the town seems quite nice, and we do plan to have a proper visit when we're next in this part of the country.

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St Guilhem-le-Désert and its Abbey are just 12 km to the north, up the Hérault river, just past the very picturesque Pont du Diable (Devil's Bridge), part of the UNESCO site.

The seaside is only 35 km away, at Mèze, across the inland lake beside Sète.

The popular Lac du Salagou, with its summertime water sports, is 20 km west of Gignac

And of course there's Montpellier just 20 minutes (30 km) away to the east, which also has nearby seaside beaches.

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