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Meadow Saxifrage

Saxifraga granulata     Fr: Saxifrage granulée; Casse-pierre

 Saxifrage, Meadow photo saxifrage-meadow0007b.jpg

The loose cluster (false umbel) of flowers are on a tall stalk with glandular hairs and bulbils at the base. The French name "Casse-pierre" means "rock breaker".

Flowers. Apr-June

Flower. 5 white petals, about 15 mm long, in clusters at the end of the redish stalks.

Leaves. Round to kidney-shaped, with long stalks and jagged edges; divided into 3 to 5 parts.

Habitat. Damp fields, grassy areas, bushy slopes. Sometimes in forest clearings. Rare above 800 m. We found our higher though: at Thorenc and on the Calern Plateau, both places 1250 m.

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