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Storksbill Geranium

Erodium cicutarium     Fr: Bec-de-grue

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The Storksbill is a very variable geranium, known also as Redstem Filaree, PInweed or Common Stork's-Bill. In addition to the wide variations, plants growing on poor soils may be very small. An annual and often, in the South, biennial, native to the Mediterranean basin.

Flowers. Feb-June

Tall. Low - Med

Flower. Purplish-pink, lilac or white, 7-18 mm, with up to 12 flowers in an umbrel. The upper two petals are often larger, and with a dark basal blotch.

Bract. Brownish

Leaves. Pinnate, without small leaflets between the main ones.

Habitat. Cultivated and waste ground, stony places, garrigue, roadsides, old walls and sand-dunes.

Fruit. Hairy, the beak 10-14 mm long

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