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Storksbill Geranium

Erodium cicutarium     Fr: Bec-de-grue

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The Storksbill is a very variable geranium, known also as Redstem Filaree, PInweed or Common Stork's-Bill. In addition to the wide variations, plants growing on poor soils may be very small. An annual and often, in the South, biennial, native to the Mediterranean basin.

Bract. Brownish

Flowers. Feb-June

Flower. Purplish-pink, lilac or white, 7-18 mm, with up to 12 flowers in an umbrel. The upper two petals are often larger, and with a dark basal blotch.

Leaves. Pinnate, without small leaflets between the main ones.

Habitat. Cultivated and waste ground, stony places, garrigue, roadsides, old walls and sand-dunes.

Fruit. Hairy, the beak 10-14 mm long

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