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Nodosum Geranium

Geranium nodosum     Fr: Géranium noueux

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This is a rather small perennial, spreading plant. The stem is slender, upright, branched and lightly hairy. Also know by the English name Knotted Crane's Bill. Photographed in the forest at the Col de Turini, altitude 1600 m.

Flowers. May-Sept

Altitude. to 1600 m

Flower. Lilac, bright pink to violet with five obovate petals and dark veins.

Leaves. Palmate with 3 to 5 oval lobes, born on short stalks (petioles). Upper surface is smooth and dark green; the lower part of the leaf is hairy and light green.

Habitat. Open woods up to 1600 m altitude. Present in the Alps and the Pyrenees.

Fruit. A fuzzy capsule with about five achenes.

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