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Dovesfoot Geranium

Geranium molle     Fr: Géranium à feuilles molles

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A tiny annual geranium, densely tufted, sprawling to prostrate and very branched, usually greyish-green. Extremely hairy and with many ascending stems. The photos we have here came from a roadside clearing next to the garrigue, in the Gard department west of Avignon.

Flowers. Feb-May

Tall. Low - Short

Flower. Pinkish-purple with the 5 petals deeply notched, 7-10 mm, borne in lax clusters

Leaves. Basal leaves rounded or kidney-shaped in outline, divided into 5-7 wedge-shaped, 3-lobed segments. Upper leaves palmate, more deeply divided, short-stalked or unstalked, alternate.

Habitat. Fields, roadsides, rocky slopes, sand-dunes and gardens.

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