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Woodland Fern

Southern Polypodium

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Polypodium is a genus of true ferns, with about 100 species. They are commonly called woodland fern, rockcap fern, polypody, or by various other local vernacular names.

This woodland fern, with fronds about 50 cm high, was photographed in a mountain forest by Le Fugeret in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Area. Usually grows in very small areas, under a square meter. Pteridium: covering vast areas

Flowers. Apr-Aug

Leaves. Divided once. There are usually 14 or more pairs of narrow, toothed leaflets that taper towards the tips. Pteridium: divided 3-4 times
Spores in round heaps. Pteridium: in lines

Habitat. Woodland clearing or damp ground in the woods; shady rocks and crevices; river banks. The Polypodium australe is found below 1000 m altitude; the Polypodium vulgare grows at up to 2000 m altitude, and is common in the Mercantour.

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