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Fire Thorn

Pyracantha coccinea     Fr: Buisson ardent

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This dense, very spiny evergreen shrub grows to about 3m. It's planted as a hedge and as an ornamental plant, but also grows wild (the photos above were taken along the roadside in the Tanneron, near Auribeau-sur-Siagne.

Flowers. May-June

Flower. Creamy-white, 7-8mm flowers grow in dense 3-4cm clusters on short spurs, flattened on top.

Leaves. Dark green, elliptical, slightly fuzzy on the bottom; toothed edges; short stalks.

Habitat. Woodland margins, roadsides, rocky slopes.

Fruit. 5-7mm round berries; usually bright red, but sometimes orange or yellow (all three colors are in the photo above).

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