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Daphne Verlottii

Daphne verlottii     Fr: Daphne Verlottii

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These small, pink flowers are strongly scented, we think similar to jasmin. They grow very low on the ground (about 5 cm high), so you'll need to lay down on the grass to smell them.
We couldn't find these in a book. The name is courtesy of our consulting botanist, E. Rowe. The flower is very similar to those on the tall bush Daphne mezereum.

Flowers. Apr-May

Flower. April-May (?). We photographed these early May. The top of the flower measures only 10 mm across, with 4 petals on top of a tubular capsule (see photo-3 and 4).

Leaves. Narrow and pointed (lanceolate), 8-10 mm long, alternating on the woody stem.

Habitat. We found these on a slope at the Plateau de Caussols, with areas of grass, rock and surrounding trees. The plateau is about 1100 m altitude, and 30 km inland from the sea.

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