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Couvertoirade Photo Gallery

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0003bb.jpg

    1/18. Layout plan of La Couvertoirade fortified Templar village

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0089b.jpg

    2/18. La Couvertoirade fortified village hidden by trees, viewed from hiking trails to the south.

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0017b.jpg

    3/18. La Couvertoirade, going in through the main gateway, Portal d'Amoun

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0023b.jpg

    4/18. Small square and café-shop inside La Couvertoirade, the round northwest tower in the distance

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0028b.jpg

    5/18. Beautiful stone roofs and houses inside fortified La Couvertoirade

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0030b.jpg

    6/18. Stone houses inside fortified La Couvertoirade, viewed from the church terrace

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0039b.jpg

    7/18. 12th-century stonework beside the Saint-Christophe church in La Couvertoirade

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0031b.jpg

    8/18. 14th-century Saint-Christophe church in La Couvertoirade

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0042bb.jpg

    9/18. La Couvertoirade interior and 12th-century church, panorama

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0049b.jpg

    10/18. A current private dwelling inside the fortified walls of La Couvertoirade

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0056b.jpg

    11/18. A La Couvertoirade fortified town street

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0058b.jpg

    12/18. Approaching the southern gateway, Portal d'Aval, from inside La Couvertoirade

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0061b.jpg

    13/18. Cyclists passing the southwest wall of La Couvertoirade

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0064b.jpg

    14/18. Exterior walls and southern gateway, Portal d'Aval, of La Couvertoirade, with lone hiker

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0076b.jpg

    15/18. The west wall of fortified La Couvertoirade, with grazing sheep

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0012b.jpg

    16/18. Small farm beside fortified Templar village of La Couvertoirade

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0084b.jpg

    17/18. Restored 17th-century windmill out beyond the east walls of La Couvertoirade

  •  Couvertoirade photo couvertoirade0073b.jpg

    18/18. Hiking signs just outside the southern gateway of La Couvertoirade

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