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Templars Larzac

In the Larzac region of the South of France (10-20 km south of Millau, 100 km NW of Montpellier) are five fortified Templars villages that still retain their defensive walls and medieval buildings. Each of these five villages was more than a village, they were Templar Commanderies, fortified headquarter sites.

Knights were an important part of the history of Provence and the South of France in the 11th to 13th centuries. The Knights Hospitalers began as an aid organization for the crusades, while the Knights Templars were the associated military branch.

Templars Larzac Locations

Templars Larzac Villages Map

The Five Templars Villages of Larzac are located on the famed Larzac Plateau, an ancient and barren region in the South of France. All five of these Templar villages could be visited in a day, but two (or even three) days would be much more relaxing and enjoyable. La Couvertoirade has the most extensive Medieval interior to visit, along with some tourist shops and restaurants. La Cavalerie has a simpler interior layout, but ramparts to visit, and the village is a possible dining site. Ste Eulalie-de-Cernon and St Jean-d'Alcas are very interesting, but both very small and could be visited in an hour (each). Viala-du-Pas-de-Jaux is really tiny, and the only non-walled of the five villages.

La Cavalerie

La Cavalerie is an ancient village on the high plateau of Causse de Larzac, founded as Commanderie of the Templiers. The village includes the intact, walled Templiers fortress, where you can still walk the ramparts. With at least one good hotel, cafés and a few shops, this is a pretty tourist destination, but still remains calm and not very crowded. (42 km drive SE of Millau)

La Couvertoirade

A 12th-century Templiers fortress village on the Causses du Larzac. The village is completely walled and its compact center has stone paved streets and stone buildings and walls. There are a few shops and restaurants in the village, and is listed as one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France. (42 km drive SE of Millau)

Ste Eulalie-de-Cernon

An ancient Templiers and Hospitalers Knights fortress and commanderie village. The walled village is tiny and easy to explore, with a 12th-century church on the main square in the very center. A nearby train station hosts the Vélo-Rail du Larzac tourist train. (33 km drive SE of Millau)

St Jean-d Alcas

A small Medieval village built around a walled Templar fortress dating from the 15th century. The heart of the village is actually a micro-village inside the Cistercian fortress ramparts. (35 km drive south of Millau)


A very small village on the Larzac that was a Templiers commanderie. The village isn't fortified, but still has a tall, massive tower from era of the Templars. (35 km drive south of Millau)

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