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Cavalerie Photo Gallery

  •  Cavalerie photo cavalerie0075b.jpg

    1/16. Drawing of medieval La Cavalerie fortified Templar town

  •  Cavalerie photo cavalerie0003b.jpg

    2/16. North wall of La Cavalerie fortified town, from the northwest corner.

  •  Cavalerie photo cavalerie0006b.jpg

    3/16. La Cavalerie fortress east side, tower entrance into Place de l'Eglise

  •  Cavalerie photo cavalerie0012b.jpg

    4/16. La Cavalerie south side walls, along Rue du Pourtalou

  •  Cavalerie photo cavalerie0017b.jpg

    5/16. Looking east along the south side of the fortress (from SW corner), Rue du Pourtalou

  •  Cavalerie photo cavalerie0024b.jpg

    6/16. Place des Templiers, inside La Cavalerie walled town

  •  Cavalerie photo cavalerie0040b.jpg

    7/16. Rue Basse, inside the northern wall of La Cavalerie fortified town

  •  Cavalerie photo cavalerie0082b.jpg

    8/16. Interior of the Templar fortress of La Cavalerie, and steps up to the ramparts tower

  •  Cavalerie photo cavalerie0090b.jpg

    9/16. La Cavalerie town hall on the east side of the fortified town.

  •  Cavalerie photo cavalerie0094b.jpg

    10/16. View of the interior Rue Basse from the north ramparts of La Cavalerie

  •  Cavalerie photo cavalerie0101b.jpg

    11/16. View of the interior west-side entry, from the ramparts of La Cavalerie

  •  Cavalerie photo cavalerie0106b.jpg

    12/16. La Cavalerie's Templars ramparts and the northwest tower

  •  Cavalerie photo cavalerie0115b.jpg

    13/16. Slate tiles at La Cavalerie's ramparts and southwest tower

  •  Cavalerie photo cavalerie0048b.jpg

    14/16. West side of the 11th-c church, viewed from Place de l'Eglise inside La Cavalerie walls

  •  Cavalerie photo cavalerie0062b.jpg

    15/16. Interior of the 11th-century church in La Cavalerie

  •  Cavalerie photo cavalerie0068b.jpg

    16/16. Impressive vaulted interior of an ancient bergerie (Jasse in La Cavalerie

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