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• Aude (11330)   • Population: 150  • Altitude: 325 m

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Villerouge-Termenès is an ancient village in the hills southwest of Narbonne, with the houses clustered around the old Cathar castle.
It's a very pretty little village, but the main attraction here is really the castle.

A couple of the old village streets are picturesque, with medieval style houses, but there's really not many streets for wandering. The only real reason for visiting Villerouge-Termenès is to see the castle.

We took a walk out the northeast side of the village to a low hill with old windmill towers. The towers are truncated, but the site offers a nice view down onto the village.


La Rotisserie Medievale

This is a "Medieval" style restaurant located inside the courtyard of the castle. Their posted menu seems interesting enough and the prices are reasonable. The restaurant isn't wheelchair accessible: entry is via a long flight of picturesque steps.

La Taverne

A café-restaurant located just outside the north walls of the castle. The terrace setting is especially pleasant, with shade trees, a flower-lined little river passing alongside and the castle walls and towers towering above.

Dining on the terrace is fine, but the inside dining room is up a narrow spiral staircase to the upper floor. La Taverne has basic meals, quite good, at low prices.

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