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• Var (83670)   • Population: 902

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Varages is a large village with some colorful old houses, some nice hidden squars and small 19th-century canals running through the center. There are a few shops around the open central square, some lovely old plane trees and narrow streets to be explored.

Varages was a center of faïence pottery in the 19th century. Today there are several faience pottery workshops, with a shared earthenware factory and a sales shop open 7/7. There's also a Museum of Faïences de Varages in the center of the village.

Moulin à Huile, an olive oil mill. This is a large, square building at the central Place de la Libération, not an old stone building with a water wheel.

The small canals running through the village add a lot of character to the feel of Varages. Long, narrow clothes-washing sites (lavoirs) are located at several places along the canals, complete with longitudinal wooden bars for holding the clothes. On our last visit to Varages we got proof that the 19th-century lavoirs are still being used.d

The village of Varages sits on a low plateau, and the southwest side overlooks a deep valley. A long, steep track, the Descente des Moulins, descends down the side of the hill to the bottom of the valley. Beginning with steps that curve down past stone walls [PHOTO], the path passes by some grottos along the way. An old doorway in an ancient stone wall at the right has a small sign marked "La Cascade", leading to a grotto with a nice waterfall.


• GPS: 43.59759, 5.96029


IGN (1/25,000) #3343 OT "Greoux-les-Bains, Rians"

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