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Var (83) Bus Lines

Schedules and Bus Routes, Dept 83

Towns and villages in the Var department include Les Arcs, Aups, Bandol, Brignoles, Cogolin, Draguignan, Fayence, Fréjus, Grimaud, Hyères, Ste Maxime, Saint Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, St Raphaël and St Tropez.

Bus line routes and schedules for the Var department (83) are available from the VarLib website, by the Var department. (

Var Bus Routes and Schedules

The Var department bus website has the current schedules for all bus lines serving the Var.

On the home page (Accueil) click Actualités, then select Les horaires été 2013 .. (or whatever the current year is). You should get a list of the bus lines (
    • Click on the appropriate bus line for a PDF file of the schedule.

Alternately you can search for the specific bus line or the town:
On the site, select Cartes et plans > Plan des lignes du réseau for the Plan-du-Reseau (Map) selection page (www.varlib/plan/?rub_code=5).
Type the bus route number into the top box (Recherche par nr ou nom de ligne) or type the town name into the lower box (Recherche par commune), and click OK. Select the appropriate bus line and "Afficher" the page.
Once you've identified and listed your bus route, you should have a link for the schedule (Horaires de la ligne).

Nice - Fréjus - St Raphaël

The popular route Nice - Fréjus - St Raphaël is served by the VarLib bus line 3003 (St Raphael - Nice). On the website (see above), type "3003" into the Recherche par nr or nom de ligne box for the route, and click on "Afficher" for the current schedule.

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