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• Gard (30200)   • Population: 1,800  • Altitude: 72 m

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Sabran is a commune of a few hamlets (individual villages), all located in the forested hills just to the west of Bagnols-sur-Cèze.
The villages included in the commune of Sabran are: Sabran, Carme, Charavel, Colombier, Combe and Donnat.

Sabran Village

The namesake hamlet is a very small village with a few houses perched around the south side of a hill, topped with the ruins of a 12th-century chateau and the old church. The ruins are interesting enough, but because of the possibility of falling chateau parts, not appropriate for visiting. The main interest of Sabran is really its history.
No café, no commerce.

There are only three village streets criss-crossing the front of the hill, without any particularly interesting sights for visitors. One of the long buildings in the village must have been a silkworm factory (magnaneire), attested to by the iron artisan's sign hanging from a wall.

Sabran Lavoir. The hamlet of Sabran does have a covered lavoir in good condition, located down in the valley 250 m southwest of the village center. There's a little river running through here and this was the source of the village water long ago. Today the lavoir sits at the edge of vineyards and other farming fields stretching out the to the west.
Location (lat, long): 44.149448, 4.545199

Combe Village

The hamlet of Combe is located beside the main D6 road just west of Bagnols-sur-Cèze. Probably because of its location, Combe is more of a village than Sabran, which is isolated in the hills to the southwest.
No café, no commerce.

Sights we found interesting in Combe were a communal oven with exposed brick facade, and an open lavoir (washhouse). The lavoir is located in the older part of the village, on Rue du Lavoir, northwest of the village "center".
Lavoir location (lat, long): 44.167372,4.574549

Combe hamlet also had a very ancient sundial (cadran solaire), high on the corner of a house near the lavoir. There had actually been two sundials, on adjacent sided of the same corner, but one of them was now no more that the pointer.

Charavel Hamlet

Charavel is too small to be called a village. It's located on a very narrow road south of Sabran village, the D166B towards Cavillargues.
No café, no commerce.

There's not much at all in Charavel; a small group of ancient houses, and a small covered lavoir (washhouse).

The Charvel lavoir is in the woods and fields southeast of the hamlet, and now serves for watering the garden plots out there. It's located here because this is where the water source (spring) for the village is located.
Location (lat, long): 44.137054, 4.531779

Our visit to the Charavel lavoir was especially pleasant because we were invited into one of the village homes for drinks and conversation.


• GPS: 44.150865, 4.54692


IGN (1/25,000) #2940 OT "Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Pont-St-Exprit, Forets de Valbonne et"

A good half-day loop hike on the yellow-marked PR (Petite Randonnée) hiking trails goes through the village of Sabran. Northeast the trail goes to the hamlet of Combe, then south past Colombier and southwest to Mégiers. From Mégiers the trail is northwest to the hamlet of Charavel (with a lovely lavoir out in the fields to the south), north past Le Vieux Sabran and east again to Sabran village.

The 18-km trail is marked as 6.5 hours in the guidebooks. We did the loop in 4 hous flat, with ancient legs but without rest stops of much photography along the way.

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