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• Var (83340)   • Population: 1,948  • Altitude: 235 m

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Flassans-sur-Issole is a small town of the Central Var, stretched along a long, shady road near the N7 highway between Brignoles and Le Luc. Large shade trees, the cool Issole river flowing through and friendly people give the town an open, pleasant feeling.

With most buildings lining the main road through the town, Flassans-sur-Issole doesn't have a cluster of Medieval streets to explore, but there are still enough hidden little places to discover to make a walking tour worthwhile. We liked the parks along the river on the northeast side of town, near the old oil mill, and the street going south down to the river near the western end of town.

Flassans village is stretched along the main road that used to be the RN 7 highway. The new RN 7 now passes along the north edge of town, leaving the main street with very little traffic. Near the center, a main-street bridge crosses the Issole passes beneath the main street by a large park area. In the park an 18th-century stone bridge [Photo-06] crosses the river near the old olive oil mill. The 16th century mill is said to be restored, but seems now to be a cultural center of some kind and we couldn't get in.

Flassans-sur-Issole's main church on The main church of Flassans-sur-Issole is the 17th-century Notre-Dame-des-Salles. Just behind and to the right is an older, 15th-century church.

Chateau of Flassans-sur-Issole

Medieval chateau ruins aboveFlassans-sur-Issole The ruins of the old castel sit on the forested hilltop just north of the village center. With the very busy Route National 7 highway dividing the two places, walking up from the village is not recommended. Drive east from the village and follow the signs.

A wide trail goes up past the loops up and around the top of the hill, passing the restored 16th-century Notre-Dame-de-Consolation chapel [Photo-12] and looping around the hilltop with the castel ruins. There's a great view from the ruins. At the back of the loop is the little Saint-Joseph chapel where the old village once stood.

History of Flassans-sur-Issole


First record, 1045 Flacianis

One of the 26 Commanderies of the Knights Templars was located here.

Prehistoric: There is [was?] a dolmen at a place called Campdumy. Candumy is a site on the Issole 3 km north of Flassans, and the A7 autoroute now runs through there.

Celto-Ligurian: The Oppidum de Maunier is 3 km northwest of the village, north of the autoroute.

Gallo-Roman: A Roman road passed through Flassans. At Camdumy, a burial tomb is decorated with a 12-spoked wheel and numerous Gallo-Roman artifacts. Crossing the Issole there is a 14th-century stone hump-backed bridge. The autoroute now runs through there, almost on top of the old bridge.

Medieval: The Flassans chateau was the feudal domain, successively, of the Pontevès, La Tour-d'Auvergne, Rohan-Soubise, and Bourbon-Condé. In the 13th century the lands of Flassans belonged to Guillaume de Cotignac.
One of the 26 Commanderies of the Knights Templars was located here.


• GPS: 43.369985, 6.223564


IGN (1/25,000) #3445 OT "Cuers, Pierrefeu-du-Var, Collobrières"

IGN (1/25,000) #3444 OT "Brignoles Le Luc"

There are no marked hiking trails around Flassans-sur-Issole. The walk around the ruins of the old village and castle is pretty short, but gives you a nice view of the countryside.

Transportation Flassans-sur-Issole

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