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• Var (83340)   • Population: 1,297  • Altitude: 290 m

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Cabasse is a Central Var village tucked into the green forested hills of the Issole valley. The main village square has a tall mossy fountain in front of Medieval arched passages through the ancient stone buildings. There are many little streets for wandering, picturesque little shops and shady parks along the river for relaxing.

Cabasse is an interesting village to visit, dating back to Roman times (not counting the extensive prehistoric history). It doesn't have the maze of narrow Medieval so common in Provence, but there are still ancient things to discover.

The most picturesque part is the main square in front of the Mairie and the post office [Photo-02]. The old fountain has a central pillar with high, mossy layers dripping water, and shaded by tall platan trees.

Beside the fountain square, a fortified Medieval doorway, complete with portcullis, passes through the high stone building that was part of the defensive wall [Photo-03].

Another pretty part of town is the central intersection, where ivy-covered buildings stand above a 17th-century well in the middle of one street [Photo-07].

Outside the walls of the village towards the river is a small park area and a lavoir, and you can see how the outer buildings were once part of a defensive wall [Photo-12].

Also along the banks of the river is a very shady area [Photo-13]. This place is used in the summer as the municipal campsite, and a petanque ground is located at the end beside the road and the bridge.

Prehistoric Sites

Menhir de Champduy

This 2.5 metre tall Neolithic menhir is at a place called the "Planted Stone" (La Pierre Plantée, located 2.5 km southwest of Cabasse, in a vineyard beside the D79 road "Route de Brignoles".

Gastée Dolmen (Dolmen La Gastée)

Boussière Dolmen (Dolmen de la Bouissière)

Dolmen du Pont-Neuf

The Pont-Neuf Dolmen is 2.5 km north of Cabasse, on the top of the ridge at a site that includes the Notre-Dame du Glaive Chapel, the Fortified Grotto "Le Trou des Fées", and a great view south.

Candumy Dolmens (2 km sud)

(43°24'38.84 N, 6°12'7.85 E; N43.41079, E6.20218) Small, open (no cap-stone) dolmens. These are (were) in a planted field 2 km southwest of Cabasse; 800 m southeast of the Menhir de Champduy. On private property and probably no longer accessable.

History of Cabasse


First record, 1025 Cabaccia

Prehistoric: Important prehistoric and protohistoric artifacts are located around Cabasse, including menhir and dolmen, all described in Prehistoric Sites, above.

Celto-Ligurian: A Celto-Ligurian Oppidum is located on top of the steep ridge 1 km north of Cabasse, at the west side of the D13 road; the location is called "Casteou Sarrin".

Gallo-Roman: The Roman Aurelian Way (Voie Aurélienne) passed by Cabasse, and the important Roman station of "Matavo" ou "Matavonium" was located here. Various inscriptions and Roman milestones have been discovered. The Cornélia mausoleum has been reconstructed in the Cabasse cemetery. A necropole with 34 tombs, discovered at La Calade, is now on display at the Centre de Documentation Archéologique du Var in Draguignan.

Another necropole with various artifacts, including an autel-crypt and sarcophage, was located at La Guérine.

The Gallo-Roman habitat called Gour d'Entuve was located at Grand Candumy, 2 km south of Cabasse. (The autoroute now runs just south of there.)

Medieval: Feudal domain of the Vicomtes de Marseille, then the Vicomtes de La Celle (La Celle).


• GPS: 43.426206, 6.221194


IGN (1/25,000) #3444 OT "Brignoles Le Luc"

Lots of forested hills surrounding Cabasse, but there are no clearly-marked hiking trails here. Using the IGN map, there are interesting sites to visit, using the forestry roads in the area, such as the dolmens, and the cliff-top site of Notre-Dame-du-Glaive north of the village.


Chez Fifine

is a pizzaria located in the lovely big building beside the main-square fountain [Photo-03]

Le Cabassois

restaurant at the main junction [Photo-08] advertises Traditional Provencal Cuisine, and suggests reserving (0494 776 934); closed Sun & Wed evenings; closed Wed.

La Table de Saint-Pierre

is a small restaurant at the north edge of the village, down the street beside the Cellier Saint Bernard winery outlet. Simple fare, with a shady terrace across the road.


Cabasse hosts La Matavonienne Côte de Provence wine, with multiple medals from 2006, 2007 and 2009. The lovely old La Matavonienne winery building at the north end of the village [Photo-16] is now closed, having evolved to the Cellier Saint Bernard on the opposite side of the road.

Transportation Cabasse

Department 83, Var Buses

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