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• Gard (30300)   • Population: 1,654  • Altitude: 10 m

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Comps is a small village just north of Beaucaire, on the bank of the Gardon river at its confluence with the Rhône. It's a nice enough little village but without any special interest for visitors. • Market day Thur.

Comps is located in the center of a virtual triangle between the towns of Avignon, Arles and Nîmes. The village has a café open year-round, putting it a notch above many other small rural villages.

The commune is fairly large and bisected by the D986L road running between Beauaire and Remoulins. The tiny old village is on the north side of the road, tucked in against the Gardon river. The largely residential newer part of the commune stretches out on the southwest side of the road.

Although without real tourist attractions, there are a couple of interesting sights in Comps.

The annual creche santons display in Santons Creche Every winter there's a very large and very nice creche of Provencal santons on display in the church in the center of the village. Alas, photography of the creche isn't permitted, so we have only the one wide-angle image to show you. Entry is free and on display from the end of November to the beginning of February.

Lavoir - Washhouse

A covered lavoir was built at the east end of the village in 1902, and served for local laundry for about three decades. The tile roof was removed in 1984 and the lavoir was left neglected until a restoration in 2011.

The Comps lavoir is a long oval, with rounded ends, located on Rue Nelson Mandela.

Floods in Comps

The Gardon river, that runs down past the Pont du Gard, has a history of serious floods, and positioned right at the confluence of the Rhône, Comps village has had its share of flooding.

The highest flood-level marks in Round, blue-and-white discs on a wall by the front of the village church attest to the heights of the most memorable floods to have inundated the streets of Comps. They range (in depth) from a pair of 1907 flood marks about 1 meter high to over 3 meters high in 2002. The flood discs mark the major floods from as far back as 1840 and 1856.

St Roman Abbey

[sitephotos]st-roman-abbey0045b400.jpg The St Roman Abbey is a troglodyte abbey, carved into the solid-rock hilltop just 4 km south of Comps village center. Hiking trails lead up to the top, either from the St Roman residential area just south of Comps center, or by driving around to the south side of the hill, where a parking area is located a few hundred meters from the top.

19th Century Aqueduct — Vanished Overnight

[sitephotos]comps-nimes-aqueduct0013b400.jpg A lovely 16-arch stone aqueduct has stood here just south of Comps center for the past 120 years. On the last week of 2018, however, the central part of the aqueduct came crashing down, luckily with nobody hurt.


Market day: Thur.


• GPS: 43.853406, 4.605214


"Entre Rhône et Gardon", map+info (1:30'000)

The combined GR6 and GR42 hiking trails pass by the urban area 1 km south of Comps village center.

Southeast, the GR6 passes by the St Roman Troglodyte Abbey, through Beaucaire and over the Rhône and to the Alpilles and Les Baux-de-Provence.

Northwest, the GR6 passes through some small villages and crosses the Gardon at the famous Pont du Gard.

Direction sign for hiking trails passing As you can see from the hiking signpost in the center of Comps, the local hiking trails offer easy day-hikes to the Saint Roman Abbey, nearby villages and even Beaucaire and Tarascon on the Rhône.

Transportation Comps

Department 30, Gard Buses

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