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• Alpes-Maritimes (06620)   • Population: 222  • Altitude: 700 m

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The ancient village of Cipières is perched on a rocky ridge high above the Loup river valley, with a view north and east across to the Montagne du Cheiron. The huge white block of a building towering above the houses at the northern edge is a restored 17th century chàteau.

The pretty village is isolated from main roads; the only traffic is of people going intentionally to and from Cipières. In spite of the relative isolation, its an active village, with rock concerts in July, activities such as the harvest festival in the Autumn, and an active village life.

The main village square has a circular 19th-century fountain, on which a rotating harvest scene was prepared for the Autumn festival (photo-4). There are some nice old houses and picturesque little streets.

We found one street named "Roumpe Cuou", which could translate (politely) to Break Neck street. Reader J.M. pointed out that, since "cuou" is more likely to be the Provencal for "arse", the real translation (into American English) is probably Break Ass street.

The restored 18th-century church is topped by a bell tower and a campanile dated 1750 (photo-6).

History of Cipieres


First record, 11th century , name derived from Arius de Cippus

Prehistoric: Prehistoric sites were discovered at St-Pons, Baus, St-Jean and La Gradaire (all about 3 km northeast).

Medieval: Cipières was ruled by the house of Grasse, then by the Agoults. The commune was acquired in 1520 by René de Savoi, Count of Tende. In 1646 it was sold to Bouthillier de Chavigny.


June (1st Sun) - Fête patronale de la St-Claude
Aug (1st Sun) - Fête des Moissons (Harvest)


• GPS: 43.783533, 6.955253

The GR4 hiking trail passes directly through the village. To the north the GR4 goes by Gréloières, over the Montagne du Cheiron and through the forests and mountains to Entrevaux. To the south the GR4 crosses the Plateau de Calern and the CERGA observatory, the Plateau de Caussols, and joins the GR51 just north of Grasse.

Other local hikes go down both sides of the Loup, and there are hikes out across the Plateau de Caussols.

Transportation Cipieres


One bus a day for Cipières and Gourdon, leaves Grasse at 15h30, from Mon-Fri.

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