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Lavender Valensole

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picsmaps/lavender-valensole-map001bb.jpg The southeastern part of the Provence lavender fields includes areas Pays de Valensole, Pays de Forcalquier and Pays de Digne.
The Pays de Valensole runs from the Durance river by the Lac de Ste-Croix and north up across the famous Valensole Plateau.
The Pays de Forcalquier lavender area is on the plains north of the Luberon, from around Forcalquier and stretching west towards an area north of Apt.
The Pays de Digne lavender area is northeast of Valensole, around the town of Digne-les-Bains.

Valensole Lavender Area

The Pays de Valensole area includes the following towns/villages and sites: Allemagne-en-Provence, Castellane, Moustiers Sainte-Marie, Riez, Valensole, Lac de Sainte-Croix and Gorges du Verdon.

picsmaps/lavender-fields-valensole-map001bb400.jpg There are some wonderful lavender fields in the area between Valensole, Riez and Puimoisson. Driving the loop around the three towns, including the Poteau de Telle (D8/D953) junction, is only 40 km. The small D56 road that cuts across the loop east-west also goes past several lavender fields.

The large Poteau de Telle fields are very picturesque, with wide vistas, mountain backdrops and cute stone huts. They're located 3 km north of Puimoisson (10 km north of Riez) at the junction of the D953 and D8.

West from Puimoisson on the small D56 road we found three nice lavender fields in just a few minutes. The first field is a triangle field just 2 km along the D56 northwest of Puimoisson. A second lavender field is another 2 km to the west and, when we visited, there was a nice sunflower field just opposite. The third field is 6 km west of Puimoisson, beside a farm called L'Hopital, with turquoise shutters. Continuing southwest on the D56 it's only another 8 km into the town of Valensole. Almost to Valensole on the D56, just 1 km from town, on the left, are some nice lavender fields on the hillsides, with a collection of picturesque beehive boxes.

From Valensole town, take the D15 (Route d'Oraison) north and northwest only 1-1/2 km to some lovely lavender fields in wide open farming lands. The junction with the little D6a is a good place to stop for some photos. Also from Valensole town, but northeast on the larger D8 road, there are more lavender fields, all the way out to the D8-D953 junction of Poteau de Telle.

South of Valensole town we found a Sea of Lavender. From town, 1.5 km east on D6, then right (south) on the small D15 towards Allemagne-en-Provence. Only 3 km down the D15 are seas of lavender fields undulating over the hills.

On the pretty, country road D6 between Valensole and Riez we found a couple of smaller lavender fields. The Petit Arlane (Centre Naturiste) entry on the D6 (4 km from Valensole, 9 from Riez) has some pretty fields between the trees. Just 1 km west of Riez on the D6 there are some small lavender fields just south of the road.

Digne Lavender Area

The lavender region of Digne-les-Bains includes the following towns/villages and sites:
Champtercier Digne-les-Bains Mézel Thoard Gorges de Trévans Clue de Barles

Forcalquier Lavender Area

The Forcalquier lavender region includes the towns/villages and sites:

Forcalquier Lurs Mane Saint-Michel l'Observatoire Simiane-la-Rotonde Montagne de Lure Le Canyon d'Oppedette Le Prieuré de Ganagobie Le Prieuré de Salagon - Mane

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