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Fortified Villages

  •  Fortified Villages photo aigues-mortes0007b.jpg

    1/14. Aigues-Mortes - 13th-century walled town in France's Camargue

  •  Fortified Villages photo baux-provence55b.jpg

    2/14. Les Baux-de-Provence - Ancient fortifications at a rocky site, near St Remy-de-Provence

  •  Fortified Villages photo briancon0001b.jpg

    3/14. Briançon - the highest town in Europe, fortified by Vauban, on the site of the old Roman town of Brigantium

  •  Fortified Villages photo cairanne030b.jpg

    4/14. Cairanne - a walled Medieval village in the Vaucluse department

  •  Fortified Villages photo carcassonne0002b.jpg

    5/14. Carcassonne - a faboulous Medieval walled town, between Toulouse and Narbonne

  •  Fortified Villages photo carcassonne0072b.jpg

    6/14. Carcassonne - walled entry into the inner keep of the castle

  •  Fortified Villages photo colmars044b.jpg

    7/14. Colmars - fortified village protected by two adjacent forts

  •  Fortified Villages photo colmars046b.jpg

    8/14. Colmars - the Fort de Savoie overlooking the village

  •  Fortified Villages photo entrevaux0031b.jpg

    9/14. Entrevaux - fortified entry into the village

  •  Fortified Villages photo entrevaux-festival0172b.jpg

    10/14. Entrevaux - Medieval celebrations on the village green

  •  Fortified Villages photo manosque0015b.jpg

    11/14. Manosque - walled Medieval town, northeast of Aix-en-Provence

  •  Fortified Villages photo mont-dauphin076b.jpg

    12/14. Mont-Dauphin - close to Briançon and also fortified by Vauban

  •  Fortified Villages photo mont-dauphin0001b.jpg

    13/14. Mont-Dauphin - entry into the fortified village

  •  Fortified Villages photo richerenches052b.jpg

    14/14. Richerenches - walled by the Knights Templars in the 12th century, between Orange and Montélimar

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