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Gaujac Oppidum

Oppidum Saint Vincent

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Also known as Oppidum Saint Vincent, a hilltop fortified site was installed here on the St Vincent hill in the 6th-century BC, and expanded as a Roman-era Oppidum in the 1st century, with a protective ring of walls and entry towers. The remaining ruins today include the Roman baths and Apollo's Temple as well as a section of a Medieval village.

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Map of the Gaujac Oppidum hilltop The Gaujac Oppidum site is documented with descriptive panels in the different areas (fortified entry, Medieval village, Apollo's Temple and the Baths). The text is in French but there are very clear and understandable drawings at each of the different locations.

The 'Porte' entrance at the west The "Porte" entrance is located at the western side of the walled hilltop site. This entry was guarded by a Gallo-Grecian tower at the left and the 'Trajan' tower at the right.

West side of the Medieval Village These remains of an early Medieval village, including the higher walls of the ruins of the Saint Vincent church sit on top of ancient Roman retaining walls. Our page-top photo (above) is a view of the Roman Baths from below.

Front of the Roman Apollo's Temple These remains of a Temple to Apollo sit on the south side of the hill, just above the ancient Roman Baths. A descriptive panel shows how the original layout matches the existing remnants of the walls, and another panel shows what the temple once looked like.

Roman Baths area (east end) at The Roman Baths, built around 20-25 AD, were extensive, and in used until the 3rd century, when they were partially destroyed by an earthquake.


• GPS: 44.078250, 4.559271


IGN (1/25,000) #2941 ET "Remoulins, Pont du Gard"

The Gaujac Oppidum is in the hills between the villages of Gaujac and Le Pin, and there are several PR (Petite Randonnée) hiking trails between the two and past the Oppidum.

A slightly longer, 18 km, trail goes past the Oppidum, through Le Pin village to the northwest, and does a big loop south through Masmolène and La Capelle. This can be done in 4 hours (with our ancient legs), or a bit more leisurely, and has some good forest trails.

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