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Callas Mill

Moulin de Callas - Provence Beyond

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The Moulin de Callas is a small olive-oil mill in the village of Callas, northeast of Draguignan in the Var department. The current mill uses modern equipment housed in a low building just above the original mill.

The original 18th-century (1746) mill is still there [Photo 2], now the owners' house, with the moulin's store and gift shop attached. In this photo the ancient mill's waterwheel can be seen at the right corner of the house (at the edge of the road). The modern mill equipment is in the red, flat-topped building at the back-right.

The Moulin de Callas has been run by the Bérenguier for 4 generations, since 1928. They produce an olive oil called "fruité vert" and classs as an extra virgin (vierge exra) olive oil.

The back room of the gift shop has even more items for sale, including local wines and their own olive oil, with a tasting area. This room still has the ancient mill stone and other original oil-mill equipment in place, only partly hidden by the products on display.

"Extra Virgin" olive oil has an acidity level below 0.8 percent. "Virgin" olive oil has an acidity level between 0.8 and 2.0 percent.

Fruité vert is a type of olive oil with a slightly herbal aroma. The oil must come from olives that have not been stocked before being milled. A fruité vert olive oil will become more mild with time.

Process. The Olive Oil Process in Beyond's Themes section was described and illustrated from the Callas Mill.

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