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• Var (83830)   • Population: 1,634  • Altitude: 314 m

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Figanières is small Medieval village located in the forested hills of the Central Var, a few km northeast of Draguignan. The houses of the old Medieval village are clustered tightly around the St-Michel parish church on the top of the low hill.

Figanières sits on a ridge overlooking the southeast, and the old part of the village is very compact, with the typical tall buildings nestled up together in a very picturesque style. The most prominent building, sitting up at the top at the Place Saint-Michel, is the church which was rebuilt in 1848. Small roads wind up and down over the hill, between the buildings, and open onto many pleasant little squares with benches and often with fountains.

Figanières medieval village in the sunshine The village of Figanières seems residential when you come in from the north; the road winds through the forest with many fine villas set back among the trees. Coming in from the south, the road passes by vineyards and has a view of the surrounding hills, with many houses spread out around the village. The road through Figanières loops off the "main" road, so the only traffic in the village is intentional.

The fields to the southeast of the village produce "Provence" wine, and the local Cooperative Vinicole is at the edge of the village. The region also produces olives and olive oil. On the small road going across the fields to the northeast, to Callas, pass through endless olive orchards.

Flood June 2010

See Figanières Flood

History of Figanières


First record, 11th century Figa nera or Nigra; in 1200: Figanerie

Prehistoric: Prehistoric vestiges are located in this area, including the dolmen "Cabre d'Or" (the Bois de la Cabre d'Or is on the Matey mountain, 2 km due north of Figanières)

Gallo-Roman: There are traces of Gallo-Roman occupation at St. Pons (4 km southeast), Salettes (6 km west) and at Buyedoux.

Medieval: The village belonged to the Viscount of Marseille, and then in the 17th century it belonged to the Viscount of Ventimille. The Château de la Garde, about 3 km northwest (near Châteaudouble) was given to Périer by the Reine Jeanne, and then destroyed in the 16th century by the Duke of Epernon.


• GPS: 43.56886, 6.496661


IGN (1/25,000) #3543 OT "Draguignan"

The area directly around Figanières is a serious wine growing and olive growing region, and the fields and orchards are not conducive to hiking. The fields towards Le Plan and Callas in the northeast are especially built-up.

Southeast from Figanières a marked trail joins the Grande Randonnée GR51 in the Forêt du Rouet where there are many good hiking trails.

West from Figanières, the marked trail joins a series of hiking trails on the hills north and south of the Vallon de la Cassade, just south of Châteaudouble. The hills there wooded, with good hiking and excellent views.


Garden of Scents

St-Michel parish church in Figanières The Jardin des Senteurs is a lovely and restful walled garden at the top of Figanières village, just beside the St-Michel church. You can find the Jardin by walking up into the old village and following the signs. The entrance is through a gate on the Place de Lirette, into a beautiful botanical garden with flagstone terraces, aromatic plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, lawns and ironwork. There's evan a tiny shrub maze back beside the walls of the church.
An Atelier de Santonnier (a workshop for the "Santon" figurines) is located inside the gardens. The atelier was closed while we were there, and we didn't have a chance to ask about when it opens.

  • Location: Top of the village
  • Open: July - Aug: 9h30-12h00, 16h30-19h00
  • Sept: afternoons only
  • Closed: Tues

Transportation Figanières

Department 83, Var Buses

  • See Beyond's Var Department Bus Schedules for downloading the Var bus-lines map [Plan du Reseau] and bus-line schedules [Horaires] (link for PDF files).
  • Schedules for the Var bus lines are on the VarLib Horaires-Ligne page (") - type the line number in the Numéro ... ligne box to access the bus schedule PDF link. (Type a couple of digits in the box to get a list of route numbers.)

Draguignan - Fayence Bus

  • Bus line 3201 connects Draguignan, Figanières (Quatre Chemins), Callas (Quatre Chemins), Seillans, and Fayence.

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