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Milk Vetch

Astragalus monspessulanus     Fr: Astragale de Montpellier

 Vetch, Milk photo vetch-milk029b.jpg

This pink-flowered vetch grows as a low clump, with the flower stalks and leaf stalks rising directly from the roots, rather than from above-ground stems. The plant in our photo was on a rocky hillside above St. André-les-Alpes, about 1200 m altitude.

Flower. The pinkish-purple flowers grow in tight clusters of 7 to 30, at the tips of long stalks that are taller than the leaf stalks.

Leaves. The leaves are in 10-20 pairs of ovals along a stalk that grows to 20 cm long, distinctive from other vetches. The leaflets are smooth on top and hairy beneath.

Habitat. Dry, rocky ground.

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