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Narrow-Leaved Valerian

Centranthus angustifolius     Fr: Valériane angustifolius

 Valerian, Narrow-Leaved photo valerian-narrow0008b.jpg

This tall plant with its tuft of pink flowers is very common through spring and summer along the roadsides of Beyond. It's a perennial, with a single unbranched, reddish stem, surrounded at its base by a rosette of leaves.

A variation is the Valeriana Tuberosa (Valeriana tuberosa), French: Valériane bulbeuse.

Comments. (1) What's the difference between Centranthus angustifolius and Valeriana tuberosa?
(2) It was suggested our photos are of Ameria (Thrift), similar to Ameria canescens; any comments?

Flowers. Apr-Aug

Flower. The dense flower head contains small, 5-mm long, 5 petal-lobes with 3 protruding stamens each.

Leaves. The distinctive upper leaves are linear and very narrow, different from the Red Valerian. The basal leaves are large ovals, deeply lobed.

Habitat. Rocky and dry grassy places, roadsides.

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