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Myosotis Alpestris

Myosotis alpestris     Fr: Myosotis des Alpes

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A low plant with tiny, brilliant blue flowers. Several types of Myosotis have fairly subtle differences, and are in the same areas. We found the shade of blue difficult to capture with a camera; the flowers are less "cyan" than our images.

Ours were photographed in the Alpes-Maritimes (different years) at 1200-1300 m altitude. Many on the Calern Plateau in May.

The Myosotis alpestris (named "Forget me not") is the Alaska State Flower.

Flowers. Apr-Sept

Altitude. 700-2800 m

Flower. That's only about a quarter of an inch. Bright, clear blue, 5 petals in a disc, with little yellow "ring" at the center.

Leaves. Basal leaves elliptical and hairy, in a rosette at the bottom, about 2 cm long.

Habitat. Rocky mountainous areas, woods, humid fields. Altitudes of 700-2800 m.

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