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Nicean Milkwort

Polygala nicaeensis     Fr: Polygala Polygala de Nice

 Milkwort, Nicean photo milkwort-nicean0013b.jpg

A very variable, short to medium plant with a woody base. The stalks are leaved, ascending or erect, with the flowers clustered near and at the top.

Flowers. Apr-July

Flower. The bluish-pink, sometimes white, flowers are 8-11 mm long, growing in a long group of up to 40. Each flower has wings of 3 joined petals with 3 or 5 veins; the center petal is fringed. Two flattened sepals, 11 mm long, clasp the flower.

Leaves. Narrow linear, stalkless leaves grow along the stem. The lower leaves can be spatula shaped, and the upper leaves are longer than the lower.

Habitat. Garrigue, maquis, open woodland, grassy or stony ground.

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