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Knapweed, Brown-Rayed

Centaurea jacea     Fr: Centaurée de montagne; Centaurée jacée

 Knapweed, Brown-Rayed photo knapweed-brown-rayed0004b.jpg

- Our photos (1-5) Purple thin petals, black stamen, plant 30 cm tall; flower-head 50mm dia. Leaves about 10-11 cm long, 10 mm wide, pointed. - photos 1-4: Altitude 1600 m, hike above Col de Turini, Russ 29 July 2004. - photo-5, Altitude 1600 m, hike above Col de Turini, Russ, Jane, 31 July 2004, with Nikon 5700 telephoto.

Flowers. July-Aug

Altitude. 1600 m

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