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Kaki, Parsimmon

Diospyros kaki     Fr: Plaqueminier

 Kaki, Parsimmon photo kaki01b.jpg

The Chinese Persimmon, also know as Kaki in English or French, was introduced into the Beyond region from NE China, Japan and Korea. It is often grown as a decorative bush or small tree, but can reach a height of 14 m. The kaki is of a genus related to ebony.

The photo shows the tree in fall, with its deep red leaves. Later only the orange or orange-yellow fruit is left hanging there on bare branches -- many first-time visitors think they are oranges!

There are some cultivars that are sweeter but usually they can only be eaten when very ripe and, even then, will dry your mouth with their sharpness. The birds (Starlings, Blackcaps, Sardinian Warblers etc.), usually get there before you do.

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