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Tree Lavatera

Lavatera olbia     Fr: Lavatera olbia

 Lavatera, Tree photo lavatera-tree0009b.jpg

A laxly branched shrub, to 2 m (at least; ours was about 2.5 m high). Like L. olbia except: flowers are bigger, and not as separated at their base, flower stems are longer, leaves 3-lobed (not 5) and greener. The stems and leaves are felted when young
Although this is found along the western Mediterranean, it's really a local plant: "olbia" is the old name for Hyères. L. olbia is widely grown in gardens.

Flowers. Apr-Aug

Flower. Solitary, pink to purplish. Short stalked. The epicalyx lobes are oval and slightly shorter than the sepals. There's a clear gap at the base of the petals.

Leaves. Variable; lower usually 3-lobed; upper oblong to lanceolate, often slightly 3-lobed.

Habitat. Edges of fields, rivers and streams; hedgerows and damp places. Many along ditches and the sides of small roads in the Var department (usually smaller that 2 m).

Pod. Nutlets are hairy or bristly.

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