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Cichorium intybus     Fr: Chicorée sauvge

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Medium to tall, erect, multi-branched perennial with clear bright-blue flowers. The plant is hairless, or sometimes stiffly hairy,

Bract. The outer flower-bracts are only half the length ot the inner.

Flowers. May-Aug

Flower. The flower heads are borne in leafy brancehd spikes. The bright sky-blue color is most common, but sometimes (rarely) pink or white. Flowe heads can be stalkless or grow at the end of short branches.

Leaves. The basal leaves are pinnately-lobed to deeply toothed with short stalks.The upper leaves, clasping the stem, are lanceolate, and sometimes toothed.

Habitat. Garrigue, grassy fields, cultivated and fallow ground, roadsides. Sometimes along the seaside. Our photos were taken on a plateau north of Grasse, near infrequently cultivated fields.

Practical. Used in salads. The young leaves can be eaten directly. The shoots can be blanched. Dried and powdered roots yield chicory which is often added to coffee.

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