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Vacquières Photo Gallery

  •  Vacquières photo vacquieres0001b.jpg

    1/9. Vacquières village across the vineyards. The ancient chapel of Corconne is perched on the cliffs in the backrgound.

  •  Vacquières photo vacquieres0009b.jpg

    2/9. The village center of Vacquières.

  •  Vacquières photo vacquieres0007b.jpg

    3/9. A small market passes through Vacquières on some days.

  •  Vacquières photo vacquieres0017b.jpg

    4/9. A vine-covered house in the center of Vacquières village.

  •  Vacquières photo vacquieres0020b.jpg

    5/9. A Vacquières village doorway, with cats?

  •  Vacquières photo vacquieres0040b.jpg

    6/9. The Vacquières village café is a shady, pleasant place.

  •  Vacquières photo vacquieres0028b.jpg

    7/9. Grape gathering equipment in Vacquières. Heading out to the fields after the morning's café stop.

  •  Vacquières photo vacquierespont0004b.jpg

    8/9. The Roman bridge at Vacquières. Probably built at the end of the Roman-Empire period, and for donkey travel, not chariots.

  •  Vacquières photo vacquierespont0009b.jpg

    9/9. The Roman bridge at Vacquières, on the sunny side.

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