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Sospel Photo Gallery

  •  Sospel photo sospel0008.jpg

    1/15. The "vieux-pont" bridge across the Bévera.

  •  Sospel photo sospel085.jpg

    2/15. The Bévera river to the "vieux-pont". The main road through Sospel passes along the left side of the river and past the end of the old bridge.

  •  Sospel photo sospel0002.jpg

    3/15. Houses along the far (south) side of the Bévera.

  •  Sospel photo sospel0133.jpg

    4/15. Facades of the houses. A close-up the the houses along the river shows the beautiful scroll-work.

  •  Sospel photo sospel0034.jpg

    5/15. Cathedral Saint Michel.

  •  Sospel photo sospel0037.jpg

    6/15. Bright colors in a stone arcade. Located near the cathedral.

  •  Sospel photo sospel0077.jpg

    7/15. General Store. Also on the Place Saint Michel with the cathedral.

  •  Sospel photo sospel0025.jpg

    8/15. Bus stop. There's good bus transportation even back in these hills.

  •  Sospel photo sospel0087.jpg

    9/15. Train approaching the railway station.

  •  Sospel photo sospel0099.jpg

    10/15. Aerial view of Sospel. The "view-pont" and bhe Bévera in the middle, the two halves of town on either side; railway line and station bottom center; swimming pool to the left, landing field for para-gliding lower-right.

  •  Sospel photo sospel0117.jpg

    11/15. Fire truck on forestry road. Passing by as we hiked to the hill overlooking town.

  •  Sospel photo sospel0151.jpg

    12/15. Place Saint Nicolas. Just across the "viex-pont" into the south part of Sospel.

  •  Sospel photo sospel084.jpg

    13/15. Maginot Line fort Barbonnet.

  •  Sospel photo sospel032.jpg

    14/15. Waterfall (cascade) outside town.

  •  Sospel photo viaduccarame0009.jpg

    15/15. Caramel Viaduct of the old Menton-Sospel tramway.

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