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Saumane-30 Photo Gallery

  •  Saumane-30 photo saumane-30-0029b.jpg

    1/6. The 17th-century 'Pont de Saumane' bridge in Saumane village

  •  Saumane-30 photo saumane-30-0020b.jpg

    2/6. The Gardon flowing south past Saumane village in the Cévennes

  •  Saumane-30 photo saumane-30-0004b.jpg

    3/6. Swimming area on the Gardon river at Saumane village

  •  Saumane-30 photo saumane-30-0031b.jpg

    4/6. Some of the older houses in Saumane village - Note the 'Hotel' sign above the left-most doorway

  •  Saumane-30 photo saumane-30-0023b.jpg

    5/6. Ancient wrought-iron railings on an old house in Saumane village

  •  Saumane-30 photo saumane-30-0010b.jpg

    6/6. Mobile hairdresser's salon open for business in Saumane village

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