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Salernes Photo Gallery

  •  Salernes photo salernes0040b.jpg

    1/19. The Eglise Saint-Pierre originated in the 13th century, is topped with a 17th-century campanile and a sundial

  •  Salernes photo salernes0049b.jpg

    2/19. Salernes' Office de Tourisme on Place Gabriel Péri in the center of town

  •  Salernes photo salernes025b.jpg

    3/19. Fun with the Salernes firemen as kids get 'rescue" rides, on a saftey-demo and picnic day

  •  Salernes photo salernes0022b.jpg

    4/19. Aerial view of Salernes from a nearby hilltop.

  •  Salernes photo salernes0113b.jpg

    5/19. The upper part of Rue Longue in the old part of Salernes is just as narrow

  •  Salernes photo salernes0115b.jpg

    6/19. Looking down the narrow Rue Longue in the old part of Salernes

  •  Salernes photo salernes0130b.jpg

    7/19. Picturesque (and practical) shops on Cours Théodore Bouge in Salernes

  •  Salernes photo salernes0126b.jpg

    8/19. This little fountain at the west end of Cours Théodore Bouge in Salernes is modern -- built in 1945

  •  Salernes photo salernes0132b.jpg

    9/19. A two-faced fountain at the east end of Cours Théodore Bouge in Salernes as a basin on the other side

  •  Salernes photo salernes0084b.jpg

    10/19. Cyclists admiring the 17th-century lavoir in Salernes

  •  Salernes photo salernes0066b.jpg

    11/19. Place la Placette in Salernes on Rue du Chateau, with a low passage through the buildings

  •  Salernes photo salernes0057b.jpg

    12/19. Steps climbing up from Rue de la Fontaine du Murier in Salernes

  •  Salernes photo salernes0059b.jpg

    13/19. And, the 1861 Fontaine du Murier in the old part of Salernes

  •  Salernes photo salernes0002b.jpg

    14/19. The 18th-century fountain at Place de la Révolution in Salernes

  •  Salernes photo salernes0146b.jpg

    15/19. A small stone fountain on a passge between Cours Bouge and the Place Celemeceau

  •  Salernes photo salernes0029b.jpg

    16/19. A reallly unique fish-head fountain spigot in Salernes

  •  Salernes photo salernes0014b.jpg

    17/19. The stone "donkey-back" bridge over La Bresque, located out at the "baignade" at the edge of Salernes.

  •  Salernes photo salernes0018b.jpg

    18/19. The swimming hole (baignade) is Salernes swimming site, part of the Bresque river.

  •  Salernes photo salernes-cat0005.jpg

    19/19. A pair of black village cats in Salernes

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