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Fontvieille Photo Gallery

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0037b.jpg

    1/19. The 17th-c St-Pierre-ès-Liens church in Fontvieille was enlarged in the 18th century

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0107b.jpg

    2/19. The church towers in Fontvieille viewed across the rooftops

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0112b.jpg

    3/19. A current (2014) Autumn view of the Carrefour de la Poste at the center of Fontvieille

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0018b.jpg

    4/19. A terrace café beside the Carrefour de la Poste at the center of Fontvieille

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0016b.jpg

    5/19. A old postcard image of the Carrefour de la Poste at the center of Fontvieille

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0026b.jpg

    6/19. The current iteration of the covered market (halles), built in 2005 on the site of the original 1880 covered market.

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0040b.jpg

    7/19. Bell tower on the 17th-c St-Pierre-ès-Liens church in Fontvieille

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0054b.jpg

    8/19. Bronze statue of The Marianne was put up on 1 June 1889 for the centenary of the French Revoluton

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0178b.jpg

    9/19. Fontvieille's town hall (mairie) is on the narrow Rue des Arènes, just off the main street through town

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0070b.jpg

    10/19. A restaurant in Fontvieille with the amusing name of Mon Père Etais Pâtissier (My Father was a Confectioner)

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0074b.jpg

    11/19. A carved wooden lion decorating a high corner along the Rue du Lion.

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0086b.jpg

    12/19. A house-side garden in Fontvieille, all grown in pots

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0021b.jpg

    13/19. One of the remaining Dragor water pumps in Fontvieille

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0119b.jpg

    14/19. The Bishops' Tower (La Tour des Abbes) of Fontvieille was built in the 14th century

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0137b.jpg

    15/19. The covered lavoir of Fontvieille, built in the 19th century, is over 30 m long.

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0149b.jpg

    16/19. Interior view of Fontvieille's 19th-century lavoir (wash house)

  •  Fontvieille photo fontvieille0175b.jpg

    17/19. Iron silhouette for shops and trades can be quite creative - we're not sure what this one represents

  •  Fontvieille photo daudet-windmill0015b.jpg

    18/19. Daudet's windmill is just a few minutes walk (600 m) south of Fontvieille town center

  •  Fontvieille photo montauban-chateau0009b.jpg

    19/19. Daudet stayed often in this late-18th-c Château de Montauban, at the eastern edge of Fontvieille

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