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Carcassonne Photo Gallery

  •  Carcassonne photo carcassonne-town0095b.jpg

    1/12. Carcassonne walled city-fortress, viewed from the town of Carcassonne.

  •  Carcassonne photo carcassonne0001b.jpg

    2/12. Carcassonne walled town.

  •  Carcassonne photo carcassonne0006b.jpg

    3/12. Carcassonne walls east side.

  •  Carcassonne photo carcassonne0017b.jpg

    4/12. Entrance to Carcassonne's walled "cité".

  •  Carcassonne photo carcassonne0023b.jpg

    5/12. Inner walls of Carcassonne, through arch. Actually the second set of "outer" walls (see next photo).

  •  Carcassonne photo carcassonne0033b.jpg

    6/12. Double outer walls of Carcassonne. These are along the south side of Carcassonne, to the left of the main entrance.

  •  Carcassonne photo carcassonne0050b.jpg

    7/12. Carcassonne's double back walls. Along the northwest side of Carcassonne, the double outer walls have a narrower walkway between them.

  •  Carcassonne photo carcassonne0072b.jpg

    8/12. Carcassonne inner Castle (L). The entrance causway to Carcassonne's inner Château Cantal once crossed an inner moat.

  •  Carcassonne photo carcassonne0069b.jpg

    9/12. Carcassonne inner Castle (R). Another view of the entrance to the Château Cantal.

  •  Carcassonne photo carcassonne0076b.jpg

    10/12. Scale model of Carcassonne "cité". This scale model of Carcassonne City is inside the inner Castle (the part at the top of this photo). The large empty area inside the walls is now filled with village streets. The "Count's Castle" is at the top. The Basilique Saint-Nazaire is the building at the far left.

  •  Carcassonne photo carcassonne0106b.jpg

    11/12. Carcassonne Fountain village. The bronze model of Carcassonne circles the base of this fountain.

  •  Carcassonne photo carcassonne0110b.jpg

    12/12. Carcassonne village Street.

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