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Boulbon Photo Gallery

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0018b.jpg

    1/25. Boulbon fortress and village viewed from the windmill, Moulin Bonnet

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0179b.jpg

    2/25. Boulbon village and fortress viewed from the windmill above the St Marcellin Chapel

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0180b.jpg

    3/25. Boulbon fortress and bell tower of 17th-c Sainte-Anne church in the village

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0005b.jpg

    4/25. The Boulbon village church towering above the surrounding houses

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0094b.jpg

    5/25. The19-century Saint Joseph church of Boulbon, with the Moulin Bonnet on the hilltop behind

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0030b.jpg

    6/25. Cyclists setting out from the Boulbon village bakery - note the kiddies trailer

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0034b.jpg

    7/25. The 13th-century Porte Lorial, fortified entry to Boulbon's Grand Rue

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0041b.jpg

    8/25. Inside of Porte Lorial entry to Boulbon, with sundial at the top

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0039b.jpg

    9/25. Lovers, talkers and music grinder on Grand Rue in Boulbon village

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0051b.jpg

    10/25. Boulbon village butcher shop on Grand Rue, with award-winning butcher Jean Gonnet at the doorway

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0059b.jpg

    11/25. Lovely wooden door and medieval stone doorway in Boulbon village

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0061b.jpg

    12/25. Rue de la Tour branching off of Grand Rue in Boulbon village - small sundial at the top

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0060b.jpg

    13/25. Cobblestone side streets in old Boulbon village are even narrower than the 'main' street

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0065b.jpg

    14/25. More than life-size 14th-century statue of Saint-Christophe in Boulbon village

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0085b.jpg

    15/25. One side of the shady Place Gilles Leontin in the village of Boulbon

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0082b.jpg

    16/25. An overcast moment at Boulbon village Café du Commerce

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0099b.jpg

    16/25. L'Astrado Tabac, magazine-paper shop in Boulbon also has bread and cold drinks

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0090b.jpg

    18/25. Top of Boulbon's floods obelisque, with marks for 1840 and the 1856 floods, about 2m30 high

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0075b.jpg

    19/25. Boulbon fortress ruins viewed from the lower part of Boulbon village

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0129b.jpg

    20/25. The Boulbon fortress ruins, viewed from a trail on the north side

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0143b.jpg

    21/25. The impressive fortress above Boulbon village, viewed from the windmill hilltop

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon-sundial0006b.jpg

    22/25. Boulbon village sundial detail, with embedded stone outline

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0162b.jpg

    23/25. Moulin Bonnet windmill above Boulbon village, with an overcast sky

  •  Boulbon photo boulbon0190b.jpg

    24/25. Windmill (the second) tower above Boulbon village, with the millstone (grinding wheel) in the grass

  •  Boulbon photo st-marcellin0028b.jpg

    25/25. The 12th-century Chapelle Saint Marcellin at the Boulbon village cemetery

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